At 1064, it is our passion to provide the means for a higher quality education for students in Colombia. We work hand in hand with communities to ensure our work is as productive as possible.  At 1064, we strive to enhance educational opportunities for a brighter future where all students can thrive. 


Asentamiento Arhuaco Santa Marta, Colombia

This Arhuaco school is located two hours south of Santa Marta and serves as a model for the community. With a bilingual curriculum, children learn about their traditional culture along-side subjects like Spanish and Science. We aim to provide them with a library and fundamental educational materials.


Institucion Educativa Enrique Olaya Herrera Neiva, Colombia

At 1064, we are thrilled to embark on our future work with Institucion Educativa Enrique Olaya Herrera, and provide them with the materials they need for a more well-rounded educational experience, such as computers and projectors.


Wayuu Tribal Schools La Guajira, Colombia

In various Wayuu Tribe schools, students become sick because of the contaminated water from the wells. We aim to provide water filters for the schools water systems to reduce the number of sick days and foster a safer learning environment.