Wayuu Mochila Bag

Wayuu Mochila Bag



Made by The Wayuu Women, an indigenous tribe in the La Guajira peninsula in Northern Colombia. Wayuu Mochila Bags are a unique piece of art. 100% handmade these one of a kind authentic bags take an average of 20-25 days to be weaved and will last for years. The Wayuu techniques are one of the finest and unique in the world.

Wayuu Mochilas aren’t just like any other bag. They are handmade bags that the style of weaving has been passed down from generations, from Wayuu mother to Wayuu daughter. By purchasing a Wayuu Mochila Bag you will discover what has made these bags the pride of Colombia for centuries.

For the Wayuu, weaving is a symbol of wisdom. According to legends, the tradition comes from "Wale’keru", a woman who transformed into a spider and taught Wayuu women their technique of weaving. Each design is a maximum expression of the Wayuu culture. Weavers use weaving as a method of storytelling. Through the bag's vivid colors, geometric patterns and shapes the bags become a representation of the tribe’s legends and messages. No Wayuu Mochila will ever be the same to another.



By buying this mochila bag:

·    100% of its proceeds will be used to empower students in Colombia

·    You will be empowering women from this ethnic tribe to continue their weaving traditions and their Wayuu craftsmanship teaching to their future generations


Every Purchase Matters, Be a Conscious Consumer!



**Please note: due to the handmade nature of each design dimensions will differ slightly.

Average measurements (approx.) L:30 cm, W:34cm, D:23cm, Strap Length (from end to end):  100cm, Strap Drop (from top of bag to peak of strap): 50cm



Type: Shoulder Bag 

Fabric: Cotton Crochet/Weaving Techniques

Style/Collection: Simple One Color Wayuu Mochila

**Care Instruction: Hand Wash ONLY




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