Institucion Educativa Enrique Olaya Herrera


This institution is located in the city of Neiva, which is an up and coming area in Colombia. It hosts students from preschool to their senior year of highschool. This is the school where our founder first started volunteering and saw firsthand how Colombia’s education system worked, as well as the large socioeconomic gap in the country. From Ema’s volunteering experience at this school, it sparked the ideas of 1064 Givers.  

Before 1064 Givers was officially founded,  it was able to complete its first project here. In 2015, we were able to raise enough funds to provide thirty families with two weeks worth of groceries.

As we continue to grow, our goal is to provide this school with its dream of having a computer lab. Not only is this school fundamental for its community, but it is a safe haven for most of the attending students.

A majority of the students, who live in this community, live in cardboard homes with no electricity, and some even face domestic violence at home. For these reasons, it is essential to help this school be able to provide a safe and stable environment to its students.

We hope to help this school’s dream become a reality by raising enough funds to build its only computer lab by 2020. This facility is necessary to have for the students, in order for them to learn the skills most workplaces require nowadays. This includes, but is not limited to computer typing and Microsoft Office. Not only would students have access to these skills, but this lab would also allow them a place where they can feel safe after school hours for personal academic use.

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