Photo take at one of the classrooms at Asentamiento Arhucao - Santa Marta, Colombia

Photo take at one of the classrooms at Asentamiento Arhucao - Santa Marta, Colombia


We are a 501C3 Non for Profit with a mission to support and widen opportunities for students in Colombia, South America. Our goal is to grow into an organization where we can provide support in the infrastructure of Colombian schools. We raise money for our projects through donations and by selling handmade products from Colombian Indigenous Wayuu Women. By supporting students while in school and helping to provide them with a safe and stable learning environment, we can increase student’s interest in continuing their education, and improving their academic performance. By working at the grass roots level, we can enhance the educational experience of children and in turn empower Colombian communities.


Our goals include:

  • Researching the specific areas of need for each community to better serve the educational atmosphere  

  • Providing the means for a higher quality education for children in Colombia

  • Working hand-in-hand with the community to build a strong bridge of solidarity, friendship, and collaboration  


Our Name

Why 1064? In 2006, Colombia passed Law 1064, which gives all Colombian children the right to a technical education. While the law made improvements, at 1064 Givers, we know we can embrace the essence of Law 1064 and reach even further to equip students with the supplies and infrastructures they need to succeed in achieving their dreams.  

In many communities, especially the indigenous ones, this law only requires students to attend school until 8th grade. In more urban cities, this law implies students to attend up to the first two years of high school. With the world moving forward, students who do not accomplish their high school curriculum, do not move on to university and are left behind. This increases the rate of unemployment and poverty in Colombia. With our mission to empower students and help provide support, our goal is to increase students’ chance to complete their high school education and further their education of find employment.

Photo take at The Way Tribal School - La Guajira, Colombia

Photo take at The Way Tribal School - La Guajira, Colombia


Long term goal: bring our mission up to the Education System of Colombia and have this law expand and require every child in this country to finish high school. We hope to connect with other organizations and raise awareness on this issue. We know this is an enormous issue, not only in Colombia, but all over the world. We hope that with our voice and others’ we can join together and give hope to children in the communities we are working with and will work with in the future.

Givers? We chose Givers to be part of our name because if it was not for our donors, we would not be in existence. We believe this word symbolizes THANK YOU. We want our donors to feel recognized. We want everyone who participates in our organization to continue our journey in every way possible. We are working to grow, and expand our project to help the communities we are involved with, in the best way possible. Givers mean donors, contributors, benefactors, and providers. Givers to us are the essence to our organization. We passionately give our time to this cause to create something sustainable for the children we work with.